Assessment of Proper Bonding Methods and Mechanical Characterization FPGA CQFPs.

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[标题]:Assessment of Proper Bonding Methods and Mechanical Characterization FPGA CQFPs.
[作者]:M. C. Davis;
[机构]:NASA Goddard Space Flight Center*NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
[关键词]:circuit boards,field-programmable gate arrays,semiconductor devices,ceramics,fractures(materials),beam leads,bonding,structural vibration,failure analysis,supports, vibration tests, flight tests, soldered joints,
[报告时间]:15 Sep 2008,

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[标题]:National Dam Safety Program. Lake Jackson Dam (VA 15306),Potomac River Basin, Occoquan River,Prince William County,Virginia. Phase I Inspection Report.
[作者]:strawsnyder, h. e.
[机构]:Army Engineering District Norfolk VA
[关键词]:dams,inspection,virginia,safety,maintenance,flood control,reservoirs,visual inspection,water supplies,seepage,concrete,deterioration,national dam safety program,lake jackson dam,spillways,ntisdodxa
[报告时间]:Jun 78,

[标题]:A study based on image processing for the bridge crack measurement
[作者]:Xiaofei Zhou;Xiaowei Liu;Guansheng Yin;
[文摘]:This paper gives a non-destructive and non-contact inspection way based on image processing whichis introduced to detect bridge cracks. System architecture is also introduced and key algorithms incrack image processing is studied. These key algorithms are: image gray scaling, imageenhancement, image strengthing, gap survey and so on. In the end such method is used to measureactual gap and the reliability of such method on bridge inspection has been verified with the results.
[会议名称]:2012 International Workshop on Image Processing and Optical Engineering