Robust vehicle detection in aerial images based on salient region

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[标题]:Robust vehicle detection in aerial images based on salient region
[作者]:Daniel A. Lavigne;
[文摘]:For detecting vehicles in large scale aerial images we first used a non-parametric method proposed recently by Rosin todefine the regions of interest, where the vehicles appear with dense edges. The saliency map is a sum of distancetransforms (DT) of a set of edges maps, which are obtained by a threshold decomposition of the gradient image with aset of thresholds. A binary mask for highlighting the regions of interest is then obtained by a moment-preservingthresholding of the normalized saliency map. Secondly, the regions of interest were over-segmented by the SLICsuperpixels proposed recently by Achanta et al. to cluster pixels into the color constancy sub-regions. In the aerialimages of 11.2 cm/pixel resolution, the vehicles in general do not exceed 20 x 40 pixels. We introduced a size constraintto guarantee no superpixels exceed the size of a vehicle. The superpixels were then classified to vehicle or non-vehicleby the Support Vector Machine (SVM), in which the Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) features and the LinearBinary Pattern (LBP) texture features were used. Both features were extracted at two scales with two size patches. Thesmall patches capture local structures and the larger patches include the neighborhood information. Preliminary resultsshow a significant gain in the detection. The vehicles were detected with a dense concentration of the vehicle-classsuperpixels. Even dark color cars were successfully detected. A validation process will follow to reduce the presence ofisolated false alarms in the background.
[会议名称]:Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems and Applications VIII

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[标题]:Life support and safety of spacecrews

[标题]:Model of stationary plasma thruster with conducting walls
[作者]:Barral, S.(PAS, Inst. of Fundamental Technological Research, Warsaw, Poland); Makowski, K.(none); Peradzynski, Z.(none); Gascon, N.(none); Dudeck, M.(none)
[文摘]:Although stationary plasma thrusters typically operate with dielectric walls, several attempts have been made at using floating conducting segments in the channel. In such a configuration, the wall potential cannot be computed locally, as in the case of d
[报告号]:;A02-35649;AIAA Paper 2002-4245
[会议名称]:38th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference and Exhibit, Indianapolis, IN, July 7-10, 2002