Canard Rotor/wing: A Revolutionary High-Speed Rotorcraft Concept.

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[标题]:Canard Rotor/wing: A Revolutionary High-Speed Rotorcraft Concept.
[关键词]:Forward wing;Rotary wing;Rotary wing aircraft;Concept research

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[标题]:Three-dimensional inversion of multitransmitter electromagnetic data based on the localized quasi-linear approximation
[作者]:Zhadanov M S; Tartaras E
[来源]:Geophysical-Journal-International. 2002 March; vol. 148, no. 3: 506-519
[文摘]:Three-dimensional (3-D) electromagnetic (EM) inversion is increasingly important for the correct interpretation of EM data sets in complex environments. To this end, several approximate solutions have been developed that allow the construction of relatively fast inversion schemes. We have developed a localized quasi-linear (LQL) approximation that is source-independent and, therefore, appropriate for multisource array-type surveys, typical in many geophysical applications, such as airborne EM, cross-well tomography, and well logging. This method is based on the assumption that the anomalous electric field within an inhomogeneous domain is linearly proportional to the background electric field through an electrical reflectivity tensor. This tensor is determined by solving a source-independent minimization problem based on the integral equation for the scattering currents. We have also developed a new, fast 3-D EM inversion method, based on this new approximation, and applied it to synthetic and real helicopter-borne EM data. The results demonstrate the stability and efficiency of the method and show that the LQL approximation can be a practical solution to the problem of 3-D inversion of multitransmitter frequency-domain EM data. (Author)
[标题]:Public Health Assessment for Pine Bend Sanitary Landfill, Inver Grove Heights,Dakota County,Minnesota,Region 5. CERCLIS No. MND000245795.
[机构]:Minnesota Dept. of Health,Minneapolis.*Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry,Atlanta,GA.
[关键词]:environmental surveys,public health,risk assessment,hazardous materials,sanitary landfills,minnesota,exposure,toxicity,ingestion(biology),inhalation,volatile organic compounds,skin(anatomy),ground water,water pollution effects,dakota county(minnesota),ntishewtsd
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